Related Exhibition

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Gallery Aferro

Exhibition dates: October 5th through December 16th.
Location: 73 Market Street, Newark, NJ 07102.

This solo exhibition currently on view at Gallery Aferro, brings together two separate but related bodies of work that each investigate relationships between social systems of organization and spaces that our physical bodies exist within.

In the Reciprocal Ladder series, the utilitarian function and visual form of a ladder has been subverted for aesthetic and metaphorical purposes, raising questions around other forms a “ladder of success” might embody, if it no longer had a familiar starting and ending point.

The Sidewalk Alchemy project, which involves using photography to document random patterns created by chewing gum on heavily trafficked sidewalks in Newark, seeks to re-examine familiar and overlooked relationships between social interactions and physical spaces. Gold leaf has been applied by hand, to each print, bringing attention to the less visible chewing gum remnants—memorializing these varied and complex examples of collective mark-making.

While the Reciprocal Ladders render the utilitarian dysfunctional and the Sidewalk Alchemy project seeks to monumentalize the overlooked, diverse surfaces, spaces, intentions, and histories are brought together to explore notions related to progress and failure, value and worth in contemporary culture.


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